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Pickled Hinona Kabu Turnip

Quick basic pickling recipe, can be used on several different vegetables.

All ingredients highlighted are available at the farm on market pick up days or can be ordered in advance online .

-3bu Kabu Turnip greens removed

-2tsp sea salt

-1/2 cup rice vinegar

-3tbsp sugar

-reserved turnip salted liquid

* Slice turnips into slices that can fit into your jar.

* Mix turnips with salt and let rest for an hour. If possible weight down turnips to help pull out water from turnip.

* After an hour drain off liquid and extra salt and reserve liquid.

* Dissolve sugar in vinegar and reserved turnip liquid over heat. Pour hot vinegar mixture over turnips and allow to marinate for minimum 12 hours.

* Add your favorite herbs like dill to the pickling to flavor to your liking.

By Chef Mike Ryan ~ elements , Princeton NJ

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